The Carriage House is a spectacular reconstruction of the original carriage house on the site. This new building skillfully blends 19th and 21st century architecture, incorporating hewn posts and beams from the old building into a glass-and-steel structure. The front façade, which faces east, is clad in 19th century-style wooden siding. The boards form panels that, at the push of a button, retract to reveal the 21st century design. It also features a superb two-sided fireplace.

The carriage house is a magnificent setting for a product launch, particularly against the backdrop of the fall colours. It features wonderful views of the rural landscape, including sunsets over Owl’s Head to the west and commanding views of Vermont to the south.

Meeting Spaces

The ground floor of the carriage house accommodates up to 48 people. An intimate 2nd floor mezzanine space suits 6-8 people.

Presentation equipment

Fully equipped for Audio Video presentations, light shows, smoke machines etc.

Audio System and Wi-Fi

Available throughout the building.