Born: 1934, Czechoslovakia

Designer: Hans Ledwinka

Context: Pre-war Europe

In a few words: One of the most significant car designs of the 20th century

Transformational Value: Air-cooled engine, streamlined shape, the “father of the VW”

Story: Tatra is a Czech car manufacturer established in 1850. Under the direction of brilliant designer Hans Ledwinka, it produced one of the most significant car designs of the 20th century. The Type 11 “Tatraplan”, born in 1923, built on a chassis with a central tunnel and fully independent suspensions, was powered by a two-cylinder air-cooled rear engine. In 1934, Adolf Hitler was very impressed with the Tatra T 77, the first aerodynamic car with an air-cooled rear engine. Four years later, Dr. Ferdinand Porsche unveiled the original Volkswagen whose resemblance to the Tatra was such that it prompted the company to sue Volkswagen for copyright infringement. The case was finally settled 1961: VW paid  3 million DM to Tatra for damages.

This car: 1956 T-603-2
Owner: Martin Simek

Wheelbase / Length / Weight: 275 cm / 506 cm / 1 510 kg
Rear-wheel drive, rear mounted air-cooled V8, 2.5 L, 105 hp, 4-speed manual, 165 km/h


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