Stéphanie Rivet

stephanierivetw-1024x791Born in Montreal, 1972.  After some years of university study in mathematics, she transfered and completed a baccalaureate in visual arts at the Université du Québec.  During her studies, she explored different mediums, but paint remained her preferred means of expression.  Although inspired by nature, she is open to the creative process that appears spontaneously. The spatula usage allows this spontaneous approach leaving room for the emotions of the moment.  Through the years, Stéphanie developed an energetic free hand where the figurative and abstract coexist in harmony.

After teaching the arts and mathematics for several years, she is now dedicated to painting. Her canvases can be found in several private and corporate collections throughout Canada and the United States.

Galerie d’art Courtemanche – Stéphanie Rivet