Born: 1962, Great Britain

Designer: Colin Chapman

Context: Designing the perfect sports car

In a few words: “Light is Right”

Transformational Value: Demonstrating the impact of weight on an automobile’s overall performance

Story: Brilliant race-car designer, aeronautical engineer Colin Chapman strongly believed that light weight is the best way for building automobiles. He demonstrated his creativity by winning the Formula 1 Constructor World Championship three times.

The “magical Lotus Elan” perfectly illustrates Chapman’s vision: small, light weight and supremely nimble. “The perfect sports car” according to famed designer Gordon Murray whose words were heard by Mazda when came the time to design the Miata, the most popular sports car in history.

On race tracks, the Lotus Elan was a “giant killer” often beating much more powerful adversaries. Today, more than 50 years after creating the Elan, Colin Chapman’s legacy is remembered in the quest for lightness.

Owner: Alain Raymond


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