Jennifer Brook

jenniferbrookw-556x1024Born in 1958, Jennifer Brook was raised in Montreal, Quebec.  After attending the Museum School at Museum of Fine Arts in Montreal, she completed a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts at Mount Allison University, New Brunswick.  She has lived in Boston since 1987 and presents her artwork at Galerie Courtemanche in Magog amongst several Art Galleries. She has participated in many Art exhibitions, in the USA and Canada.

A moment of grace, ever fleeting is very difficult to represent. Compare that to trying to live and act only in the present. The present is ongoing and ever changing; so how does one describe that in a single image?

What we see is related to what we have already seen and what we feel is related to what we have already felt. This collecting, processing, comparing, and acquiring of information is always going on unconsciously. It is that point between observation and representation (the eye and the brain) that I am working with. I use the landscape in which I live as a starting point for the “idea” though I am careful not to reproduce nature instead I want to represent her. I am trying to present a moment of grace that viewers could connect with based on their own past experiences.

Galerie d’art Courtemanche – Jennifer Brook