Born: 1961, Great-Britain

Designer: Malcolm Sayer

Context: The sexy Sixties

In a few words: “The most beautiful car in the world”, Enzo Ferrari, 1961

Transformational Value: First mass-produced sports car to incorporate aeronautical construction technology

Story: The Jaguar E-Type is a direct descendant of the legendary C-Type and D-Type, winners of the 24 Hours of Le Mans five times. The E-Type brings aviation technology to automobile design in the form of a lightweight and rigid unit body structure. Bolted to the central tub is a tubular frame carrying the famous Jaguar six-cylinder engine as well as a rear sub-frame carrying the independent rear suspension. Four-wheel disc brakes where unheard of in a production car at the time.

The E-Type demonstrates that efficiency and esthetic beauty can be made go hand-in-hand.

Wheelbase / Length / Weight: 244 cm / 445 cm / 1 150 kg
Rear-wheel drive, in line 6 cyl., 4.2 L, 265 hp, 4 speed manual, 240 km/h

Owner: Terry Kell


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