Born: 1957, Italy

Designer: Dante Giacosa

Context: Post-war Italy

In a few words: “It is a form of art to create a car full of character, with so strict limits on price and affordability”.

Transformational Value: This perfect “socio-economic-relevant” car has transformed the concept of affordable transportation

Story: This ingenious creation of Dante Giacosa is appreciated for its mythical status of THE car that motorized post-World War II Italy and gave meaning to notion of the city car. Giacosa also built it in a way that made it so economical to produce, and hence so affordable that it actually produced a real socio-economic change (comparable to the Model T in the USA), allowing Italians – and scores of Europeans – to trade the bicycles and scooters for a “real” car.

A true four-seater on a total length of less than 3 meters, the 500 is a marvel of interior design. It gave rise to a score of derivatives, from beach cars to small pickups and station wagons.

Owner: Pierre Langelier


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