A car rally, a photo rally, an automobile show, and an art exhibition: “Art and the Automobile” will showcase them all in the bucolic Eastern Townships of Quebec. The proceedings will begin on Thursday, October 2, and continue through Sunday, October 5, 2008. The headquarters for this unique cultural event will be the Davis-Kell Farm in Ogden.

Art and the Automobile



Car Rally

The rally is designed for classic and contemporary cars. On Friday and Saturday, drivers can follow two routes at a leisurely pace—this is not a speed rally. One route runs east of Lake Memphremagog, the other, west of Lake Memphremagog. Both itineraries have been carefully planned to provide breathtaking scenery and technically challenging roads.


Photo Rally

During the photo rally at “Art and the Automobile,” photographers were able to capture the unveiling of a new Callaway supercar in a dramatic rural setting and photograph other exceptional cars on display or in motion. They also took advantage of the Townships landscape when the fall foliage was rippling with colour.


Auto Show

The automobile show highlighted vehicles designed by Paul Deutschman. It also included other past and present-day cars. Up to fifty vehicles were displayed in an idyllic country setting on the Davis-Kell Farm.

Picture Gallery

Terry Kell

Terry Kell

Managing Director