The Farm is a unique venue that serves an exclusive, discerning market. Each year it hosts just four to eight special events. Every client has sole access to the facilities and the diligent attention of everyone at The Farm. The objective is to deliver a stunning experience that far exceeds the client’s expectations and delights their audience.

The Farm provides Creative Services to help clients get the most value from their time at the venue

Event Creation

Whether it’s a board retreat, an executive think-tank session, or a product launch, the line between a solid success and a triumph is a narrow one. What can make the difference is the flow and style of the event. It can be major decisions like timing, agenda and content. Or it can be delicate decisions like the choice of music to set the ambient tone, the aroma of freshly-baked pastries, visual art that stimulates the mind or perfectly-chosen, internationally-renowned, after-dinner guest speakers.

An event at The Farm is more than a boardroom meeting – it’s an experience.

The Farm offers expert Event Creation Services to make the most effective use of the venue. We know how much time executives invest in attending exclusive events and we work with each organization’s planning team to ensure that that time is well invested.

The Farm works with Canadian, US and European organizations looking for something different.

We start by understanding your objectives and the purpose of your event. Then we work with you to create a memorable experience that not only delivers the business agenda but also builds lasting value.



The Farm has access to many experienced facilitators, skilled at working with executive teams and providing an objective, external perspective. Their role is to help a group achieve its objectives while encouraging active participation and critical thinking.


An event planner is sometimes looking for the perfect speaker for an after-dinner presentation – someone who can speak on message, motivate and entertain. The Farm works with many skilled presenters and speakers, from all walks of life who can be brought in to supplement an agenda and take the event to the next level. It could be an industry titan, an international mountain climber, an award winning designer. Carefully choreographed and scripted, the right speaker can inspire attendees and move people to great things.

Event Management

Once an event at the Farm is designed and created, staff at The Farm are available to help assist with its production. This can vary from taking full responsibility for managing the event to being available to support the client’s staff. Staff at The Farm is practiced in hosting events and are able to take care of every detail from marketing to catering, between pre-planning and follow-up.

Communications Resources

The Farm works with some of the top graphic and web-design teams in the region as well as internationally recognised photographers and videographers. It’s a pleasure to introduce clients to these talented artists to develop lasting mementoes of the event – a stylish advertisement, invitations, programs, portrait and team photography, video recordings. The Farm can also arrange for equipment rentals. It’s all part of building the experience and leveraging the investment beyond the client’s time at the farm into long-lasting relationships.

Creative Affiliates

The Eastern Townships are rich in artists – from sculptors and painters to photographers and musicians. For some reason the landscape brings out the best in people! The Farm can introduce select artists to an event, sometimes as an inspirational backdrop, sometimes as part of a tactile demonstration and participation activity. Most executives are left brain dominant – logical, analytical, production orientated. By introducing activities associated with the right brain, executives start to think in more creative, imaginative and free-wheeling ways. A well crafted meeting weaves elements of creativity through the agenda to ensure the achievement of the objectives.

Terry Kell

Terry Kell

Managing Director


An ideal place to hold successful business related activities

The Farm is a wonderful venue for hosting executive meetings. The relaxed atmosphere, the beauty and tasteful decor of the buildings and meeting rooms and...

Gerry Gaetz President and CEO Canadian Payments Association